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fathead dog
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fathead dog I really like the vocals. I hate comparing bands to Meshuggah, but the vocalist sounds br00tal like Jens Kidman. This band has a way better concept of melody than Meshuggah. Their music is not a constant droning with percussive riffs and bombastic drums, they break the songs up with moments of either classy jazz like solos or add an ambient tone. For anyone who is into the "Djent" sound I highly recommend this band. Favorite track: Sciolist.
Steven Klavins
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Steven Klavins You guys have that groove i'm constantly searching for, some great tracks on here. Keep up the great work i look forward to hearing more! Favorite track: Chimerical.
Kristoffer Servilla
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Kristoffer Servilla you guys are killing it! proud to buy this record. maybe physical copies some day? Favorite track: Sciolist.
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released January 12, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Chris Cosentino at Citadel Studio.
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering.
Guest solo in "Aporia" by Aaron Marshall of Intervals.
Guest vocals in "Sciolist" by Kyle Anderson of The Afterimage.



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AURAS Ontario

Hailing from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada; AURAS is comprised of four friends bound by groove, and centred by a constant pulse. Specializing in adrenaline-clenching polymetric melodies and breakdowns heavier than your average cement truck, these 22-year olds want nothing more than to come to your city and groove like it's 1969. ... more

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Track Name: Sciolist
Thoughts of your philosophy,
Reflect a vague reality;
You have been grasping for, grasping for.
Blinded by the ego that’s compelled you.
You’ll never recognize,
The absence of your doubt.

Displace the possession of your prejudgments.

You’re provoking the conflicts that bind us,
Regressing further away.
Peer back, back at the choices you’ve made.
Reveal omissions, engage the aspects left behind.

So, the lucrative stories are what you have sold.
Your schemes will no longer persuade.

Frail words are not withstanding,
This congregation isn’t gullible.

Broke out into commonality,
With intentions of preeminence.
That never meant more to me.

Searching far and wide for some sort of reason;
To believe in your own superficial knowledge.

Your judgment’s clouded by the anger that you create.

Your words mean nothing, just a waste of breath.
Breathe in, breathe in.
It’s all you have left.
Track Name: Aporia
Concepts intertwined, dependent.
These conflicting lines must not convolute (convolute).
Pages of this precept,
Fail to move.
You offer all of the answers,
But your defective source (source) collapses (collapses).
Concedes to the weight of all we sense.

Contradiction of the text,
Expressions of hate fill these chapters.

With compelling concern,
An effort is made,
To appease this continual…
With compelling concern,
An effort is made,
To appease this continual motivation.

Looking for confirmation.
Forage, through your mind.
For the structure of belief.
Incomplete thoughts,
Cannot rescind reason (reason).

There is actuality.
Distinct, removed from our thoughts.
A confident aspiration;
Will never alter the substance of this being.
Of this being.
Track Name: Chimerical
So look beyond the mirror because,
All you see is yourself.
And this reign of tyranny ends now,
Right before us.
No longer controlled, in this world.

This is what our ancestors devised (devised).
Beyond their narrow perspectives,
Could they envision a place,
Something like this world,
We’re all on the same page.

Could they envision a place,
Something like this world,
That we have now (that we have now),
A place to prosper, free to grow.
Don’t fear this change.

They preach irrational tales of hope,
Lacking basis.
So bury it (bury it),
So we can find a place we call home.
And the world will create new order,
Those who felt like worthless organisms,
Have finally found their abode.

This could be your own demise;
That you have set for yourself.
This could be your own demise.

Breathe in, the water is rising up.
Drown in your slavery to the unknown being.

Those who breach the bounds,
Exceeds their knowledge.
Have no place left to stand,
No place left to stand.
Track Name: Cascade
Open the flood gates.
I will, reveal the stage the masses have yet to see.
The source of our progression.
Notions of fallacy,
Pollute the mindset of those who believe.
Release our thoughts.

This is my foundation.
And it will leave you…

Open your eyes to view the surroundings.
Their words are so clear,
Clearly contradicting;
Clearly contradicting.

So tell, (now speak), and tell me why are all these walls encasing us;
Let us shatter their lies.

Their words are fragile,
About to break as we show them the way.
Just take my hand.

Just take my hand;
You will be shown.

So now you hold yourself against the weight of the world,
When it caves in it will leave you breathless.
So now you hold yourself against the weight of the world,
When it caves in it will leave you…
So now you hold yourself against the weight of the world,
When it caves in it will leave you breathless.

This is my foundation,
And it will leave you breathless.
Track Name: Panacea
We move ever closer,
As moments elapse, pass away.
Optimistic vision precedes this shift.
Configure the complex.

Incessant struggle will finally fade.
Interrupted by,
Panacea ascending,
On wings of empathy.

Selfless paradigm.

Have you ever taken a moment in time?
Peering through the lens of another.
Another stance, differing angle.
Enable yourself.

Destroy this ego driven culture of judgment.
The instruments of change are now visible.

Another stance (another stance), differing angle (angle).
Enable yourself.